Non-Matriculated Courses & Registration

Non-Matriculated Courses & Registration

Whether you are a student seeking prerequisite courses, a nurse thinking about returning to school, or a health care professional looking for personal and professional growth, we offer a full menu of online continuing education courses for non-matriculated students. Enhance your career at a top-ranked nursing school.

Registering as non-matriculated (non-degree) student gives you the opportunity to enroll in courses without being formally admitted to the UR School of Nursing.

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Available Courses

The following courses are open to non-matriculated students (students not enrolled in a degree program), including:

Online Prerequisites

Online Prerequisite Courses

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Other Courses

Check below for course offerings and refer to the upcoming course schedule for course availability.

Course Title
NUR 378 Genetics
NUR 400*  Research Principles for Evidence-Based Practice*
NUR 401* The Writing Workshop*
NUR 403* Ethics and Public Policy in the Health Care System*
NUR 407 Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology
NUR 413 Family Theoretical Frameworks and Application to Nursing Care of Families
NUR 419 Advanced Pharmacology
NUR 436** Nursing Care of the High-Risk Neonate**
NLX 421 Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology for Nurse Leaders and Educators
NLX 430 Integrating Technology in Nursing Education
NLX 464 Informatics, Process Improvement, and Value in Health Care
NLX 466 Epidemiology
NLX 473 Healthcare Financial Management 
NSG 301 Writing with Confidence, Clarity, and Style
NSG 305 Growth and Development Through the Lifespan
NSG 309 Microbiology and Application to Health
NSG 310 Nutrition and Health
NSG 311 Statistics for Evidence Based Practice in the Health Sciences
NSG 312 Human Anatomy & Physiology I and Application to Health
NSG 313 Human Anatomy & Physiology II and Application to Health
NSG 316 Religion, Spirituality, and Health
NSG 317 Ethics in Healthcare
NSG 318 Pathogenesis of Cardiac Dysrhythmias and ECG Interpretation in Adults
NSG 325 Addressing Childhood Obesity for the Health Care Professional
NSG 328 Understanding Dietary Supplements in Healthcare
NSG 329 Culture, Health and Diversity
NSG 337  Sexuality, Culture, and Health: Anthropological and Public Health Perspectives
NSG 363 Comprehensive Health Assessment Refresher
NSG 409 Clinician's Guide to Weight Management & Nutrition
NSG 435  Legal Nurse Consultant
Please note:
*Students taking non-matriculated courses in a master’s program must take NUR 401 – The Writing Workshop, before enrolling in NUR 403. We also recommend taking NUR 401 before NUR 400, another writing intensive course. **We suggest and prefer NUR 436 students are baccalaureate-prepared and have NICU experience before starting the course.



Registration Deadlines

Students can enroll in a non-matriculated course before the class start date.
  • Summer 2018 semester starts May 21
  • Fall 2018 semester starts Aug. 29
  • Spring 2019 semester starts Jan. 16

Course Cost

Tuition Rate

The tuition rate for non-matriculated students for the 2018-19 academic calendar year is:
  • $1,200*
    per credit hour, for undergraduate students
  •     $1,510*
    per credit hour, for graduate students

  • *Other fees may apply. Undergraduate non-matriculated students taking graduate level courses (400 or above) will be charged the graduate student rate. Employees at the University of Rochester may be eligible to receive a substantial tuition benefit.

Types of Courses

Courses for non-matriculated students are available in a variety of learning formats. See course descriptions above for course format. These include hybrid (mostly online with some in-person sessions), completely-online, Flex Track (work at your own pace online to meet a series of deadlines), and Fast Track (self-paced online course).

Dropping or Adding Courses

To drop or add a course, you should fill out a drop/add form available from the SON Registrar's Office or for an online course, email the registrar at Please note:

  • Courses must be dropped prior to the second class session in order to receive a 100 percent course refund. See the School of Nursing's refund schedule. This is true even if you have University tuition benefits. There are no refunds on Online Prerequisite Fast Track Courses.
  • Courses added after the first day of classes require instructor's signature (on the Drop/Add form).
  • Courses dropped after the drop/add deadline will appear on the official transcript as "withdrawn failing" or "withdrawn passing."
  • Courses dropped after the withdrawal deadline will be recorded as "E."

Information for UR Employees

For University tuition benefits policies and forms, visit the tuition benefits homepage. The tuition waiver form alone does not register you for a course; you must still complete the Non-Matriculated Registration form. Courses covered under the University of Rochester's tuition benefits package must be completed with a satisfactory grade in order for the course to be paid for by the University.

Courses that are not dropped prior to the first day of classes will be paid for by the student according to the University's refund schedule. 

In addition, taking an incomplete in a course will result in the course not being paid for until the course is complete - late fees and account holds may result. UR tuition benefits are limited to courses completed within six months after the end of the course.

Please note: If you are utilizing tuition benefits for graduate or non-credit courses, your courses may be taxable. Please visit the Taxability of Employee Tuition Benefits webpage for information to help you determine whether graduate tuition assistance benefits are taxable and how much tax will be withheld from your paycheck.