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The School of Nursing is determined to do its part to contribute to the nursing profession as a whole—to influence how nursing is practiced and perceived, to address our national nursing and nursing faculty shortages, and to produce the health care leaders of tomorrow.

With your help, the School of Nursing will remain at the forefront in all we do. We will prepare the next generation of nurse leaders ready to take on careers in patient care, research, policy, and academia. To do so will require continued investments that position us to attract the brightest students and faculty, strengthen areas of research excellence, and provide exceptional learning opportunities.

Please contact Andrea Allen to learn more about ways to give: (585) 276-4336,

Ways to GiveOne Rochester

There are many different ways you can show your support for the School of Nursing’s overall mission or help us advance specific goals, programs, and research initiatives. These opportunities include:

Whatever your choice, we will be deeply grateful for your support and consider your generous gifts an endorsement of the programs we offer and the progress we continue to make.

If you have questions or need additional details, please contact us.

Find out more about our fundraising priorities.

Outright Gifts

Each year, gifts from both old and new friends of the School of Nursing help us:

  • Achieve the highest standards in teaching the next generation of professional nurses
  • Research innovative and improved way to care for patients
  • Initiate projects and programs that help the people of all ages in our community lead healthier lives.

Gifts of all sizes help us to reach our goal of becoming the Nursing School that sets the benchmark for others to follow.

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Matching Gifts

Your company may be able to help you increase the amount of your gift to the University of Rochester Medical Center through a matching gift program.

Many employers have policies that can effectively double or even triple the amount of contributions of cash or securities by employees and their spouses. When considering a gift, please be sure to inquire whether their employer has such a program. If so, please obtain and forward the proper forms to us at the following address:

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us.

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Memorial Honor Gifts

Gifts In memory and In honor of our nursing alumni and faculty recognize the importance that the School played in their loved ones' lives and continues to support the Rochester tradition.

These gifts can be unrestricted or designed to a special fund. At the donor's request, the surviving spouse or a designated family member will be notified of the memorial gift. For gifts made In honor, to recognize a particular occasion or person, the Development Office will be happy to send a special letter to the honoree notifying them of the donor's tribute gift.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us.

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Annual Giving

Each year, through our Annual Fund, alumni, parents, and friends of the School of Nursing join our administration, faculty, and staff in helping to create a nursing education experience of the highest caliber for our students. This generous financial support lays the groundwork for our students to take advantage of academic, professional, and personal growth opportunities that are unique to our institution.

No matter what the size of your gift to the Annual Fund, it makes an important difference at School of Nursing. Each and every gift helps us:

  • Continue developing the innovative academic and training programs that have made us one of the top nursing schools in the nation
  • Provide scholarship opportunities that help us attract the best and brightest students
  • Attract and retain world-class faculty to reinforce and build upon our reputation for  teaching excellence
  • Ensure that our student have access to the state-of the-art learning resources that are so vital in preparing them for practice in an increasingly technical and dramatically changing health care environment
  • Support vital research opportunities that are extending our knowledge and enabling us to help health care providers throughout the world provide better and safer standards of care.

See Frequently Asked Questions about Annual Giving.

Life Income Gift

Life-Income Gift Program

Our life-income gift program offers several ways to help you make gifts while retaining fixed or variable income for life. These benefits include:

  • Income for life or term of years paid to you and/or another beneficiary
  • Increased income if the life income plan produces a higher yield than the donated asset
  • A federal income tax deduction for a portion of the value of the gift
  • Avoidance of capital gains tax

For more information, contact us.

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Securities and Stocks

Gifts of appreciated securities may offer substantial tax advantages. These include avoiding capital gains tax entirely, and an income tax charitable deduction for the fair market value of the securities.

The gift value of securities is their fair market value on the day you give them. In the case of certificates mailed to us, the date of gift is the date of mailing; if the shares are transferred to the School of Nursing on the books of a broker or agent, then the gift date is the date of transfer.


The University of Rochester School of Nursing depends on bequests, large and small. They account for a major portion of the School's endowment and provide significant funding for the School's programs, facilities, and student aid.

Bequests are made through a written and executed will. Charitable giving through your will can benefit your heirs as well. Bequests that reduce the size of your taxable estate can reduce gift and estate taxes. There is no limit on the deduction that can be claimed.

Following are a number of ways to make a bequest:

  • General bequest: This is the most common way to make a charitable gift by will. You simply leave a specified dollar amount or percentage of your estate to the School of Nursing .
  • Specific bequest: Another popular form, this involves stipulating that a specific asset or piece of property go to the School of Nursing .
  • Residuary bequest: A residuary bequest is used to give to the School of Nursing all, or a portion, of an estate property after debts, expenses, and all other bequests have been paid. It can be expressed as an amount or a percentage of the residuary assets.
  • Restricted bequest: While many bequests provide unrestricted gifts that is to say, the School of Nursing is given the discretion to decide how to use the gift you may choose to designate a specific purpose. For example, you may wish to establish an endowed research fund, or to stipulate that the funds are to support the work of a particular faculty member or scholarship fund. A restricted endowment usually should be made in the broadest terms possible within your area of interest, and should be made only after consultation with the School of Nursing .

Charitable gifts from your estate can also be accomplished through the use of a trust. Typically known as a charitable remainder trust, or CRT, this form of testamentary gift is most often used when the donor needs to provide income to one or more heirs before the assets are available for charitable purposes. Charitable estate tax deductions are available in the amount that will ultimately be passed to the School of Nursing .

Testamentary gifts require that consultation and legal arrangements be accomplished through your attorney. If you have interest in any gifting opportunity, we will be pleased to assist you, your attorney, and any of your other advisors. If you are interested in making a bequest or would like more information, contact us.

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Gifts in Kind

A gift-in-kind is a donation of tangible personal property other than securities. Art work, jewelry, antiques, rare books, or equipment are just a few examples of in-kind gifts.

By giving them during your lifetime, you may avoid estate taxes that will otherwise be due on such property, while also reducing your taxable income in the year of the gift. Tangible personal property gifts are deductible for income tax purposes for their full fair market value provided that the use of the gift is directly related to the School of Nursing 's tax-exempt function.

If you are interested in making a gift of this kind or would like more information, please contact us.

Real Estate

Most people know that cash and appreciated securities are excellent assets for charitable giving. But not everyone thinks of a less liquid asset, widely owned, that can have great charitable impact and tax advantages as well as real estate. In fact, as one of the most valuable assets people own, real estate can be especially appropriate for charitable giving purposes. A personal residence, vacation home, farm, or commercial and rental property can all be used to make gifts.

Benefits for giving real estate include charitable income tax deductions, full or partial freedom from capital gains tax, and the ability to continue using use the property for life, if you wish.

  • Like gifts of long-term appreciated securities, gifts of real estate are attractive because of the double tax benefits an immediate charitable income tax deduction for the market value of the property, and the avoidance of capital-gain tax.
  • Personal and family considerations often make giving up use of a personal residence unfeasible during life. In these cases, the donor can make the gift by setting up a trust to provide income, or through what is known as a retained life estate. Simply stated, a life estate involves transferring the title, subject to the donor retaining the right to occupy the property for life, or for a period of years.

Gifts of real property require careful and due diligence on the part of both the donor and the School of Nursing . The donor must be willing to relinquish ownership, and must be able to evidence that the property is free of restrictions that could affect value or marketability. Further, in order to justify income tax deduction, the donor must obtain an appraisal from a qualified real estate professional. The School of Nursing , in order to make good use of the property, must be satisfied that it is readily marketable and, particularly in the case of commercial real estate, that no environmental hazards exist. Once these considerations are satisfied, an outright real estate gift simply involves the legal transferal of the property title to the School of Nursing .

If you are interested in making a gift of real estate or would like more information, please contact us.

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