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We know that educational costs are an important consideration when selecting a college. When making that decision, consider the following:

  • There are many ways to finance a high-quality private college education. Our staff will work with you to make our school financially accessible and the process as smooth as possible.

  • Value is more than cost. It's about the quality of the education you receive and the opportunities your education will create for you. Take a look at "Why Choose Us", "What Our Graduates Do", and "Success Stories" to get the big picture.

  • Rochester, New York, boasts a moderate cost of living. A 2001 study from Cornell University found that to maintain the same standard of living that an annual income of $50,000 buys in Rochester would take $75,000 in Los Angeles and $104,000 in Manhattan.

We believe that everyone who wants a University of Rochester School of Nursing education should be able to get it. Take a look at our "Financial Aid" section and then contact us.