Accelerated Bachelor's and Master's Programs for Non-Nurses

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Accelerated Bachelor's Program for Non-Nurses (ABPNN)

Accelerated Master's Program for Non-Nurses (AMPNN)

APNN Semester Calendar

APNN application deadlines (please read the FAQs for prerequisite course completion deadlines):

For a January start date, application deadline is the prior July 1
For a May start date – application deadline is the prior November 1
For a September start date – application deadline is the prior March 1
All items must be postmarked by these dates.

You already have a baccalaureate degree. You may even have a thriving career. But you want more. Our programs for non-nurses are just what you’ve been looking for—accelerated programs that will transform you into a health care professional with unlimited potential for career satisfaction and options.

These dynamic programs make the most of your previous academic and work experience, while offering all of the in-depth training you need to begin practicing nursing.

A year at U of R School of Nursing:

One student has documented her experience in the APNN program through blogging. Read about it here...


Read what our current and former students have to say about the program.

“I've never worked harder in my life; nor have I had such a sense of gratification and fulfillment. I'm using all that I've learned and building on it every day. I can't say enough about the support and encouragement I received. I've not only earned a degree and have a vocation, but I've become a member of a wonderful family.”

L. Gajary-Coots

“The coursework is so challenging and interesting — this is the best decision I ever made. The faculty members are amazing. These women and men prove that if you love what you do, your energy is limitless. I am one satisfied customer!”

P. Mergerle

"The program has been an enormously rewarding experience. The pace allows you to constantly evaluate your performance. It challenges me to look beyond today and think about how I’ll apply what I’m learning to my career.” 

M. Mendoza-Booker

“I feel so deeply, warmly, richly blessed with this chance to become a nurse and answer the calling in my heart. As I work with patients with cancer, I am learning a whole new depth of living myself. I drive home with a feeling of, ‘Wow, this is what it feels like to be living your truth.’ Thank you for this program, for nurturing us, and for pushing us toward success."

Heather Menchel

“During my business career, I often worked 60+ hours a week. There are times I’m doing more than that now, and loving it. I'm fascinated by all I'm learning and doing. I never imagined myself at this point (I'm a 40-something guy) being back in school full time, but I've never looked back and am blessed with the opportunity to retool myself for a second career at a top-notch university and medical center.”

Jim Graham

“I looked at other schools, but I couldn't find a better one. The quality of the classes here are absolutely outstanding. What really puts the University of Rochester School of Nursing in the top rank is its faculty. After all, wherever you go, the books are the same books and the facts are the same facts. But where can you find seasoned professionals willing to go that extra mile to make absolutely sure you’re totally prepared?” Read more.

Diane O’Shaughnessy