Center for Academic and Professional Success


CAPS assists students in the University of Rochester School of Nursing (SON) to develop the learning strategies, improved study habits, critical thinking skills, and career management skills required for successful academic performance and professional advancement. CAPS services promote a healthy balance between personal and professional goals and are based on a belief that academic success and professional growth occur within strong mutual connections with peers and faculty.


CAPS provides an array of services for students including:

  1. Faculty and peer-led individual and group instruction and tutoring to promote critical thinking skills, learning strategies, and study habits that facilitate mastery of specific course content.
  2. Additional faculty individual or closed group instruction for students experiencing academic challenges.
  3. Assistance with test-taking, math, and writing skills to increase student confidence
  4. Career planning services, resume writing help, and mentoring to facilitate professional role transitions and career advancement.
  5. Availability of editorial services for doctoral students working on publications.
  6. Assistance with library and database searching for literature reviews.
  7. Stress management and other services to foster a balance between personal and professional goals and facilitate personal and professional growth.

The new SON library Liaison is Daniel Trout. Daniel will be available during the normal office hours on Tuesday afternoons in the CAPS office starting in the Fall semester. Please feel free to contact him at

The CAPS Team is dedicated to continually improving their services. After making a request on the CAPS site and receiving a CAPS service, students will receive an email message asking them to complete a VERY brief satisfaction survey. Additionally, students attending supportive group offerings, e.g., open labs, will be asked to complete a VERY brief hard copy of this survey. Please complete the survey. Your responses will be anonymous and they will allow us to track how well we are doing in delivering academic and clinical support services to our students. Thanks so much.

Program Staff


CAPS steering committee is comprised of SON faculty and student members and is overseen by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. CAPS services are provided by the following staff members:

  • Academic and Clinical Support - Karen Genett and Clint Taft
  • Animal-assisted Wellness Support - Eileen Fairbanks and Annabelle
  • Clinical Education Resource Center (CERC) Administrator - Jeanette Hunt
  • Editor - TBD
  • Math Coach - Susan Ciurzynski
  • Mentoring - Floyd Hutchison
  • Peer Mentor - John Cleghorn
  • Miner Library Liaison - Daniel Trout
  • Professional Career Coach and Resume Writing Support - Karen Reifenstein
  • Stress Management and Wellness - Mary Tantillo
  • Test-taking Skills - Maria Marconi
  • Writing Skills - Elizabeth Kellogg Walker

CAPS Goals

  1. Proactively provide academic assistance to students to help ensure future academic success.
  2. Promote development of learning strategies and study habits that facilitate understanding and mastery of specific course content.
  3. Provide individual and group faculty and peer instruction, tutoring, and mentoring to promote development of critical thinking and other essential skills.
  4. Foster development of test-taking, math, and writing skills to increase student confidence and success.
  5. Offer mentoring and career planning services to facilitate student identification of academic and professional goals, professional role transitions, and career advancement.
  6. Offer services to foster a balance between personal and professional goals, successfully manage academic and professional stressors, and facilitate personal and professional growth.


Students may self refer to CAPS. Once your online request is received, an email message is generated to the appropriate CAPS staff member who will contact you for an appointment. If you've submitted requests, you can view your request history.  If you need help entering your information in the self referral form please call (585) 275-5913.


CAPS is conveniently located across from the CERC desk in 1w141 on the first floor in the SON. A variety of resources related to academic work and career advancement are in the CAPS office.

Free Services

CAPS services are free of charge to all SON students.

CAPS is overseen by faculty and student representatives committed to the academic success and professional growth of all SON students.