Rebecca Tucker brings more than a decade of clinical experience to her roles as an instructor and researcher. She teaches classes at both the undergraduate and graduate level, focusing on pathophysiology, pharmacology and clinical management of patients. She also serves as an adviser/mentor for nurse practitioner students.

As a doctorally prepared nurse practitioner, Tucker brings the highest level of education and expertise to her clinical role in the department of cardiology. Her clinical work informs her research, which aims to improve the prevention of cardiovascular disease and to promote the quality of life of those living with cardiovascular disease. Her most recent work focuses on the quality of life of patients living with heart failure. Tucker’s research has been funded by national organizations such as the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR). 

Tucker has been repeatedly honored by her students and peers, and she is recipient of the School of Nursing’s Dean’s Excellence in Teaching Award and the Outstanding Scholarly Practitioner Award.


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