MNE Students in Classroom

Nursing Education Program

Academics and Curriculum

This 37-credit program includes coursework and authentic teaching experiences which give students cutting edge skills in education technology and opportunities to apply best practices in teaching and learning, all while working with experienced educators.

Students in the MNE program participate in interprofessional coursework through the Warner School of Education and the School of Medicine and Dentistry to gain valuable clinical teaching experiences within health care teams.

You can take one or two courses per semester. Our hybrid-online format is designed to meet the needs of your busy schedule with early evening in-person and online classes.

Student teaching experiences are offered throughout the School of Nursing, Strong Memorial Hospital and our URMC affiliates, as well as other local colleges and departments of nursing.

During your last semester, you will complete a capstone student teaching immersion, working with an experienced clinical or academic educator, learning the multiple roles of the nurse educator and giving you actual experience in teaching and learning based on your career and clinical interests.

Degree Plan

MNE Program Courses

Course Title Credits
NUR 401 The Writing Workshop 1 credit
NUR XXX MNE Elective 3 credits
NLX 420 Theory & Evidence Based Practice in Nursing Education 4 credits
56 clinical hours
NLX 422 Health Assessment for Nurse Leaders and Educators 3 credits
NLX 421 Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology for Nurse Leaders and Educators 4 credits
EDU 497 Teaching & Learning in Higher Education 3 credits
EDU 581 Clinical Teaching in Health Care Professions Education: Teaching and Instructional Methods 4 credits
56 teaching hours
NLX 417 Teaching and Learning in Nursing 3 credits
NLX 426 Curriculum Development and Course Design 4 credits
56 teaching hours
NLX 427 Assessment and Evaluation in Nursing Education 4 credits
56 teaching hours
NLX 487 MNE Capstone 4 credits
168 teaching hours

Total credit hours: 37
Total teaching hours: 336
Total clinical hours: 56