Top 10 Reasons for Choosing the Nurse Practitioner Program

  1. The University of Rochester School of Nursing is a national leader in Nurse Practitioner education.

  2. Our curriculum is based on EBP principles.

  3. Our programs are designed to offer flexibility in meeting your learning needs.

  4. We offer a strong practice environment to help you learn your clinical skills and build your practice. You will be taught by faculty who practice in their specialties!

  5. You will enjoy unparalleled opportunities for collaboration across many clinical settings in the community.

  6. Our class sizes facilitate the dynamic exchange of ideas.

  7. Faculty are accessible and responsive.

  8. A strong emphasis on entrepreneurial skills is woven throughout all our programs.

  9. Our cutting edge facilities include classrooms with wireless, video conferencing, and smart classroom technology.

  10. Career opportunities are virtually unlimited for those with a Nurse Practitioner degree.