Faculty Profile

Jinjiao Wang, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor
Jinjiao Wang

I am a nurse scientist and my heart always goes to the older folks. Professionally, my goal is to help older adults maintain independence and safety while staying at home. Specifically, I am interested in how physical frailty and depressive symptoms, two common geriatric syndromes, can be assessed and addressed early in the course of development.

Dr. Wang recently joined us as an Assistant Professor. She conducts research to improve the care for frailty and depressive symptoms among older community-dwelling adults through home health-delivered interventions.

She has conducted studies to examine: 1) the home health care delivery model in the older population, with a focus on the barriers and facilitators to the care for frailty and depressive symptoms; 2) differences in frailty between older hospitalized patients discharged to different post-acute care services, i.e., home with home health vs. home with self-care; and 3) trajectories of frailty among older patients for up to six months after hospital discharge, associations with the usage of home health services, and adverse outcomes including hospital readmissions, disability, and death. Currently, she is developing programs to educate home health nurses on frailty and to implement health coaching interventions among older community-dwelling adults to reduce or prevent the onset and development of frailty.

Prior to joining the tenure-track faculty at the University of Rochester, Dr. Wang received her Bachelor of Medicine in Nursing Science from Sun Yat-sen University (China) in 2010 and earned her doctoral degree from Columbia University in 2015. She completed a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing (2015-2017), under the mentorship of Dr. Lorraine Mion, Dr. Sandra Simmons, and Dr. Cathy Maxwell.

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