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Joyce Ann Smith, PhD, RN, ANP

Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing
Joyce Ann Smith

Contact Information

255 Crittenden Blvd. Box SON Rochester, NY 14642
Work: 276-3405


PhD, 2013. University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, US

MS, 2008. University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, US

BS, 2005. Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA, US

MS, 1988. Loyola University MD, Baltimore, MD, US

BS, 1978. Loyola University MD, Baltimore, MD, US


Faculty Appointments: 8/2013 - Current. Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing. University of Rochester School of Nursing. Rochester, NY.

Professional Experience: 9/2006 - 8/2013. Sr. Information Analyst. University of Rochester School of Nursing (research facilitation). Rochester, NY.

Professional Experience: 6/2005 - 9/2006. staff RN. Strong Memorial Hospital (flex team med-surg). Rochester, NY.

Professional Experience: 6/1993 - 5/2005. Research Associate. UMDNJ (NJ Trauma Center). Newark, NJ.

Professional Experience: 7/1985 - 6/1993. Research Associate. University of MD/MIEMSS (Trauma Research). Baltimore, MD.

Professional Experience: 10/1980 - 7/1985. Laboratory Technician. Kennedy-Krieger Institute (Pediatric Lead Poisoning Research). Baltimore, MD.





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The Impact of Smoking on Probability and Amount of Opioids Prescribed for Low Back Pain.
26th Annual ENRS Scientific Sessions, ENRS

A Revision of the Family Role Rewards Scale.
Collier Research Day, University of Rochester

Spine and Spinal Cord Injury in Motor Vehicle Crashes: A Function of Change in Velocity and Energy Dissipation on Impact With respect to the Direction of Crash.
Safety 2004

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Service Award.
Sigma Theta Tau, 2013

Supporting Providers in Comparative Effectiveness Fellowship.

Community and Preventive Medicine Award in Honor of Dr. Robert L. Berg for original paper entitled ôLead Poisoning in Children: Still an Issue?".
Rochester Academy of Medicine, 2009


Eastern Nursing Research Society

Sigma Theta Tau

Community Service

United Way, volunteer

United Way, volunteer