A flu clinic should do more than simply prevent the flu. At URMC Flu, we believe a well-run flu clinic should prevent stress, hassles and paperwork, too.
That’s why we have carefully designed our flu clinics to make things easier for everyone.

  1. Our highly trained nurses make the process quick and comfortable, and they’re experienced at helping anxious patients feel at ease.
  2. We provide our staff with rigorous training each year, so everyone working at our clinics is personal, professional and prepared.
  3. Our strategically designed clinics help people get their flu shots with less hassle and shorter wait times.
  4. We have developed new ways to reduce paperwork, helping to streamline the process even further. 
  5. We accept most insurance coverage, and we will bill your insurance provider directly. 
  6. With over 10 years of experience providing flu clinic services, we offer, demonstrated experience and commitment to our community.
  7. We are the only flu clinic program that is part of the University of Rochester Medical Center.
  8. We are one of the only not-for-profit flu clinics available in the area.

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