NSG 326 - CSI for Nurses: Clinical and Forensic Autopsy

3 credits ( 3 didactic hours )

Courses in Anatomy and/or Physiology, or with permission of the instructor


This course is designed to educate nurses and other healthcare personnel on the important uses of the autopsy in today’s society. The autopsy serves as the ultimate quality assurance tool by providing outcome measures related to aspects of clinically diagnosed conditions and correlating with actual pathologic findings at autopsy. The course will identify the benefits of the autopsy and help the learner dispel myths and confusion that may persist in the time surrounding the death of a family member. The method and technique of autopsy performance for both the clinical (hospital) and medico-legal (forensic) autopsy, including death investigation in circumstances of unattended deaths will be discussed. Knowledge of basic anatomic relationships of structures and specific organ systems will be used to guide the investigation of pathologic findings in the performance of autopsies.

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